Ü   (2018)

Length: 20 minutes (duet)

PREMIERE 7th of November 2018 /  DansClick20 / Stadsschouwburg Groningen (NL)


In the German letter Ü, I see two stick figures, two characters that attract each other and meet in the middle. The duet is based on this idea and portrays the preliminary phase that may potentially precede the birth of a romantic relationship. Like many species do in nature, the vivacious Protagonists put their level of attraction and compatibility to the test through impish and cheerful games. Can men and women really be "just friends"?

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Brandon   (2018)

Length: 27 minutes (solo)

PREMIERE 15th of November 2018 /  Here We Live and Now 2018 / Korzo Theater (NL)


Brandon is a portrait that celebrates the beauty in the complexity which constitutes our wholeness as individuals. I believe that we are all, in some ways, multiple and one. Under this somewhat antagonistic angle, I want to invite on a reflection on how we perceive the other, and ourselves.

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We Come in Peace   (2018)

Length: 24 minutes (group)

PREMIERE 13th of June 2018 /  Academy of Theater and Dance / Amsterdam University of the Arts


"We come in peace" portrays a civilization which has cracked and mastered the principles of quantum physiques. Their understanding of the Universe's laws serves numerous applications and forms the basis of their society. Unlike Earth spices, they do not live on a rocky planet but "exist" in a quantum field which can manifest itself in multiple places simultaneously, while an inexhaustible source of energy originating from gravitational forces powers their technology. As they freed themselves from materialistic limitations, they have developed a supreme degree of spiritual sensitivity and are hyper-connected socially. They communicate through a combination of telepathy and body language which also serves as a mean of cultural expression, seduction display, and bonding within the community and interpersonal relationships. 
However, one question remains: Is everything really for the best in the best of all possible worlds?

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Surface Image   (2017)

Length: 1 hour (group)

PREMIERE 4th of December 2017 /  De Doelen Theater / Rotterdam


A choreography for 19 dancers from Codarts University of the Arts, on the composition for solo piano and 40 channel 1-bit electronics from composer Tristan Perich and pianist Vicky Chow.

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Vacuum Garden   (2017)

Length: 25 minutes (trio)

PREMIERE 22cd of September 2017 /  Conny Janssen Danst Studio / Danslokaal#5 / Rotterdam


"Vacuum Garden" is a test-space where several guests from far horizons are invited in an attempt to coexist through play, in the manner of a three-sided Rubik's Cube which feels the need to resolve itself.

In nature, most living creatures spend their first years playing, which largely determines who they shall become, both individually and socially. If a vacuum is indeed the absence of matter, it may well provide the opportunity for fantasy to animate our Garden.

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Open Fire!   (2016)

Length: 22 minutes (group)

Premiered at Accademia Nazionale di Danza / Rome (IT)  25th of Jun 2016


Creation for the Rome Accademia Nazionale di Danza's end of the year showcase 2016 with the 6, 7 and 8 grades modern dance students.


"Open Fire!" is a flight of fancy showing a sample of a society teetering between chaos and order, dominance and submission, solidarity and exclusion. In a whimsical riot attempt against authority, emerges the power of both, the crowd and the individual to challenge obedience. The age-old policy of divide and rule will soon have to fall, and yield space for the sheer joy of simply being together.

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Then, Before, Now, Once More   (2015)

Length: 10 minutes (duet)

Premiered at Dansmakers/Amsterdam (NL)  25th of April 2015


The universe seems to play by the rule of constant change. Nothing remains. Everything transform. Life and death, days and nights, seasons… What is now isn't what it was then, nor before, but may occur again. Nature lets us witness these patterns in everything, including feelings. How do we cope with this fact when we seek eternity?


"Then, Before, Now, Once More" was awarded the production prize for the Rome National Academy of Dance at the 14th edition of Premio Roma Danza Choreographic Competition.

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Plastic Junkies   (2014)

Length: 25 minutes (trio)

Premiered at Korzo Theater (NL) 14th of November 2014


Plastic. From the toys of our childhood to the wrapping of our food, look around and all you see is plastic. We've produced as much plastic in the past decade as we did in the entire twentieth century. As often in history of man made inventions, there is a thin line between convenience and threat.
"Plastic Junkies" is a fable that illustrates this paradox, and our nearly fetishistic relationship with plastic. On a planet that is rapidly asphyxiating, is there a path to redemption?

visit : itsaplasticworld.com

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Out of the Grey   (2013)

Length: 23 minutes (trio)

Premiered at Korzo Theater (NL) 1rst of May 2013 / AEROWAVES priority companies selection 2014


The long-awaited debut album from Out of the Grey has arrived!
Come to discover the unique electro sound of the underground trio.
Who are they? What do they do? Let them guide you through a surprising world of absurd fantasy, irony, and contradictions.


Inspired by the world of underground electronic music, Antonin Comestaz depicts a fictitious band who play out scenes of intrigue, rashness, and giddiness.

« Inventive and absurd, unexpectedly flirting with classical ballet, synchronized swimming, and love scenes. Comestaz timed his moments exceptionally well and so can surprise the audience. »


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Camera & Video Editing : Josanne Buiting


She   (2015 version)

Lenght: 10 minutes (solo)

So far, she had it all under control. No waves. An exemplary life, some would say. But that day, she lost it. Just for a few instants which will change the course of her life.
These are the minutes that follow a tragic domestic news story. What happened? How could things go so wrong? Herself seems to be overtaken by the events.
Now she sits quietly, listening to her thoughts in an attempt to untangle the knots in her mind. She finds many voices jumbled in a crowd inside her. Out of this crowd, she is searching for her own voice. Seeking comfort.

"She" was presented in 2010 at the 14th Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival (Stuttgart) and was awarded  1rst prize interpretation, 3rd prize choreography, and audience choice.

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Playground   (2009)

Length: 15 minutes (group)

Premiered at the Gärtnerplatz Theater (DE)


The world appears as a giant playground, a place where people play all sorts of games: Frivolous, amusing, distracting, childish, but also sexual, competitive, strategic... Playing is what we do!

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